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Sometimes when I’m listening to music I get these feelings and they’re so intense that I don’t really have a name for them and I can’t really explain them either. The closest I can come to explaining it is, you know that song you used to sing with your friends back in year 8? The friends that you don’t really talk to anymore and you didn’t really have that much in common with but you’d sing this song with a huge smile on your face and so much joy in your heart you thought you could fly? The song that whenever you hear it you’re back in that moment, back with people you haven’t seen in years but you still remember exactly how their voice sounded when you reached the chorus? The feeling you get when you hear that song? That’s what it’s like. Or the music you had your first kiss to? You’ll never be the person you were when it happened but the song takes you back, makes you think about a person you haven’t thought about in a long time? When you hear it, you remember the way their hand felt in yours or the way their voice sounded? That’s what it’s like. Or even just when a song really speaks to you? The words seem to be written about your life and describe perfectly how you feel? The songs that would be the soundtrack if your life were a movie? Those songs. Listening to them is what it’s like

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